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Default hi19hi19 Pack 2 - Dumps and Hard Stuff

SMO Mirror Download:

My dump pack, released in honor of hitting 10k posts.
39 files with 53 charts, all of vastly varying quality and difficulty. There are lots of in-jokes and memes and stupid files I've accumulated over the past 9 years and a handful of more serious files to balance them out. All the files are generally difficult; there's a *few* easy files (a 188 bpm stream file and a 150 bpm light JS file come to mind) but expect most of it to be D5+ stuff.

The difficulty ratings are completely arbitrary so don't think they'll help you. Think of it as a grab-bag, play a file and you don't know what you'll get!

Or you could actually read the readme!
A description of each file so you know what you're getting into:
(Or maybe it could just be some dumb in-joke as the description in which case figure it out by trying it lol good luck)

20th Century Fox Flute Edition- Very short 360 bpm streaming file. Good for speed scoring. Hilarious song 10/10
250bpm Mega Project- Originally stepped in like 2008 for FFR, but I don't feel like revising and submitting it because it's not ARTMANIA enough. 250 bpm streams, 8th jumpgluts, and 32nd rollwalls.
Afraid of Darkness (Standard)- 270 bpm very lightly layered jumpstream. Lots of roll patterns in the streams.
Afraid of Darkness (Heavy)- 360 bpm very lightly layered jumpstream with 32nd walls, followed by 180bpm jumpjack sections. If you can do this file ur good!!! or something
ALL AMERICAN DUBSTEP- Play with backgrounds on for a bonus... or don't lmfao this file is terrible you've been warned I'M X X X BITCH TRIPLE X RATED
Always- A very silly ctrl+R style dumpfile. Basically 103 bpm 24th and 32nd jumpstreams with many random color arrows thrown in. Not terrible to combo but relatively harder to PA.
Atomic Playboys Style- 216 bpm 8th anchor (that word is not plural for a reason). Stamina rape file- use for practice, isolating the hand and speed you're weak at with mirror and rates. Also the song is pretty kickass.
Blaze Heatnix Stage- A very old file of mine, but it's aged surprisingly well. 170 bpm anchor jacks with some easy stuff in the middle.
Boisterous Little Oscillator- Made this right after I made Destiny. Imagine that file, but 12 bpm faster and over twice as long. Slightly less relentless with the JS but it has weird stuff like minijacks too.
Bu Xing (Heavy)- My chart. 139 bpm minijacks, short 2-handed 32nd trills, and long 32nd rolls.
Bu Xing (Oni)- Dossar's chart, on his engine and was used in a Brutality Tournament. 139 bpm anchored 32nd trills.
Corporal Jigsaw Quandary- The same as every other file for this song. 300 bpm streams and a whole bunch of easy shit around them. I honestly put it in this pack for completeness.
Death Moon Oni Oni Oni- A very old file I made and my first true dumpfile. I remember Akuma liked this one for some reason... it's dumpy. Hardest in finger pain step, have a enjoy! (read the readme in this song's folder for some hardcore nostalgia)
Death of Morality (Heavy)- 180 bpm jack file. This is basically a terrible file but I'm sure there's someone out there who likes this kind of thing.
Death of Morality (Oni)- The same as heavy but with AIDS-tier anchor jumps layered on the jacks. You're probably asking, "Why?" and believe me, I am too.
DEATH PIANO DAMN IT- The artist is Xi ft. Choofers; they are clearly a musical match made in heaven. This file is awesome, everyone should play it!!1! p.s. it's literally Death Piano with extra dump added.
Deathnotronic- Stepped at request of blindreper1179 back in July 2012. He wanted it to have handstream if I recall correctly so I put in a bunch of 16th jumpgluts instead. Weirdass song btw.
Destiny- TWO THOUZAND COMBO etc. yeah its that file have fun
Destiny GAMMA (Standard)- 263 bpm stream file. Also some 8th jumpglut parts. Be careful, the anchor patterns in the streams get pretty annoying to hit at these speeds.
Destiny GAMMA (Heavy)- Destiny but given the Gamma treatment. That means 1.5 rate for all you newcomers.
Destiny GAMMA GAMMA- 2.0 rate. Standard could be fun for someone maybe?
Destiny GAMMA GAMMA GAMMA- 2.5 rate. The Skype quote on the banner is from Mina to Staiain, Staiain had it as his signature for a while and I wanted to make sure the file existed so that in 10 years someone can AA it. I eagerly await the video.
Electric Ladder- Imagine if the rollwall in Hisugi Usigi Milk Tigi was an entire file.
Final Fantasy Prelude (Heavy)- Easy 150 bpm jumpstream. Good practice file, but the song can get pretty repetitive sorry
Final Fantasy Prelude (Oni)- 300 bpm jumpstream. The patterns are all just rolls. Rolly jumpstream. idk
Final of Puyo Puyo (8 bit)- Jumpgluts and jacks galore at 175 bpm with a one-handed 64th trill or two for good measure. This file is complete fucking trash but it's so bad that it's funny to me so I put it in. Shoutouts to Remedy.
G Rauma (Heavy)- Stepped at the request of Scintill. 270 bpm streams and fun stuff. I like this file. If anyone knows the actual name of this song tell me because I'm pretty sure this isn't the real name lol
G Rauma (Oni)- Similar to heavy but with 360 bpm streams instead.
HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA- My most favoritest dumpfile ever. No really, it's fun. Hyperdense 24th jumpstream and other stuff. Also a great new stepping technique I call AIM-relevancy.
Hybrid Brute- 337 bpm streaming ft. Kommi music. Patterns get pretty derpy in places.
I Like Turtles- Streams at increasing bpms, goes up to 313 bpm streams at its fastest. Also some other stuff besides the streams. Watch the mines and quadwalls and shit. The song is fucking stupid, I love it.
Jurassic Park Theme Song (Melodica Cover)- Short song stepped at the request of Staiain. 440 bpm streams and other similar Staiainmanias.
Lolit Speed- 6 minute 235 bpm JS dump with other stuff like some 24th streams. Stamina file that Eze suggested I step. High loli content.
M.A.M.A. Gamma- Literally just M.A.M.A. at 1.5 speed.
Mondo Brutale- 277 bpm rollwalls and 8th jumpjacks with lots of color note bullshit in between. Was going to submit to FFR but Komprex never responded to my 1000000 emails so oh well.
Quadruple Blasting (Heavy)- Dossar's chart, on his engine and was used in a Brutality Tournament. Nonstop split rolling and split jumptrills with some 460 bpm burst streams for good measure.
Quadruple Blasting (Oni)- My chart. 460 bpm dense jumpstream, COMPLETELY retarded and probably not even passable with vibramash. Prove me wrong?
Rage Template Intro (Heavy)- 400 bpm streams.
Rage Template Intro (Oni)- 400 bpm trills.
Rave7- The same Rave7 as from the FFR Community Pack. I couldn't make a hard files pack and NOT include this, now could I?
Shash Challenge- My first simfile. 240 bpm streams with some other stuff- watch for the 64ths. I made the song too. Listen to that glorious MIDI sound! If anyone has the original file (with background changes) PLEASE send it to me.
Soviet March- 244 bpm handstreams. Song rules, and the file is just good old fashioned JS dump fun. Contender for best file in pack IMO
Techno Dildo (Standard)- 130 bpm jumpjacks, 260 bpm trills and lightly layered jumpstream. Trills are the hard part.
Techno Dildo (Heavy)- The same as standard except the jumpstream is not merely "lightly layered" anymore huehuehue
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire- Another contender for the best file in the pack and I didn't even make it rofl thx Nathan p.s. AAA and win one million dollars w0w nathans paying not me k
Wrath Of The Wind God - Minamoto's Theme- Sorta like dondon's Requiem file but 250 bpm instead of 240 and with worse patterns. Check out those sick graphics.
Xuxa- Hyperlayered file for this song. Fairly rife with technical errors but who cares because it's really fun in that dump sort of way.
You're the Best (Heavy)- 188 bpm streams. Ironically the one part of the chorus that should be streams, I didn't use streams for. Whatever.
You're the Best (Oni)- Same as Heavy, but with 48ths instead of 32nds so the streams are now approximately 282 bpm.

Thanks to Dossar and ilikexd for submitting files.
Nearly all the graphics are mine but if you made a graphics set in this pack and want credit please let me know. I'm sorry but I've forgotten the source of most of the ones I didn't make and I'd love to credit you.

Mirrors, and being added to Icy's pack list / Indeed database / whatever else are all appreciated.

I hope you enjoy!

p.s. If you don't have it yet, also get my other pack!

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