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Default (Nov 11th) SoTW Difficulty Discussion

Sorry for the day behind! Here are this weeks ratings:

Dark World
Musician: GaMetal
Step Artist: Buta-san
Song Genre: Arcade
Style: VG Metal
Difficulty: 70
Song Length: 2:26

Initial Rating: 70

Gym Training Montage
Musician: Virt
Step Artist: bmah
Song Genre: Arcade
Style: 80s Synth
Difficulty: 68
Song Length: 4:40

Initial Rating: 68

The star hill
Musician: ginkiha
Step Artist: VisD
Song Genre: Misc
Style: Easy Listening
Difficulty: 16
Song Length: 1:02

Initial Rating: 16

Dark World first off is fun on rates; I encourage higher than the rating players to try it (I tried it on 1.4, good shit right there). Rob was undecided on where this fit and needed more input so please: Is this VC or FMO? I believe it fits under FMO as one of the lowest ones, however this varies between people so don't be hesitant to drop your opinion. 69/70 would be the ratings for this one.

Gym Training Montage can probably get moved down one in the future but right now it has a nice fit at 68. Nothing too much with this one.

Star Hill I felt was a really clean fit into 16s; a consistent 16 at that. Some charts in the nearby region (15-18) felt contingent and at the same time felt off from Star Hill. I might shift this around in the future but 16 is a very nice fit imo.
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