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Default Re: Rejected Files Tournament

r8 -
D1 = 55 PAL,36
D2 = 69 Over the Rave
D3 = 75 HoH (Heaven or Hell)
D4 = 83 Water Lily Junction
D5 = 93 Ascension to Heaven
D6 = 102 Fusionik
D7 = 110 Gamma Stop Sending Me High Quality Rips [Challenge]
D8 = 120 Aerostorm

Thanks so much everyone for a great tournament! A little shakey in some areas, but I feel like I have a good skeleton for next year's shenanigans. So submit lots of files of questionable quality so that I have enough songs for it

Tournament is going to end April 20th, 4:20:69 server time. Any scores submitted, or posts edited after that date will be considered invalid.

Scores will be cross referenced over a day and placements announced April 22nd.

Estimated prize delivery for 1st will be when next batches open up.
Second and Third prizes will be on a 'until-completed' basis with a progress thread opened for all above mentioned prizes ^_^

Also plz dont hurt your hands this round everyone all the songs r dumb
im trash

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