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Default Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION

Ok so as I'm calculating everything, I'm doing everything as follows.

Placements will include alt accounts, but prizing will go to the top 3 players that played in the division that they were placed in. In addition, participation credits will go to all other participants that submitted for all six rounds.

Zodiark1323 AAA'd all of D3 using rates. It's an alt account so he'd only get the participation prize, but I will multiply it by the average rate used for all six rounds. That number to multiply it by will be 1.39.

HBar's nose was the winner based on number of votes! He'll be awarded 10k credits while the other submissions will get 1k each.

I will display a list of participants and how many credits they will receive from the main event. Sponcon credits will be separate.

Last but not least, I want to say once more that I am truly proud of each and every single one of you. You guys blew this tournament out of the park, and as a result, we've seen so many #1 scores, a couple of division promotions, some token unlocks, and a lot of motivation overall to keep going I think. This was by far the best tournament I've ever hosted, and it was thanks to everyone who gave it everything they had!
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