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Default Re: Do I need to upgrade my keyboard?

Originally Posted by icontrolyourworld View Post
Considering you haven't offered any helpful advice at the time of this post, this assumption is poorly established that he aimed it at you, as is the following assumption that he would name drop you considering Since Guitarman literally quoted Cammy and not you as well earlier, I'd say that if Guitarman wanted to direct his comment to you in any fashion, the evidence points that he would have done so.

This follow up paragraph of yours indicates you could be talking about Cammy, or Travis. In the case of travis you undermine any advice he has to offer because of his skill, though he offers good advice in "focus on hitting the keys lightly" which is solid valid advice for the longevity of your keyboard, as well as it being perfectly reasonable advice for your maintenance of stamina during gameplay. His advice about buying a keyboard with a good clock rate is also good advice, though he did not recommend; even when asked, what specific keyboard to purchase.

In the case of if your follow up paragraph here is in reference to Cammy's advice is bad, and you think that she doesn't have the skill to make a recommendation I'd argue she does and she did give good advice.

This post of yours that I have quoted, does the following:
2 poorly thoughtout assumptions back to back.
Does not add any helpful advice to the neccesity or lack there-of for a keyboard upgrade.
Does not attempt to explain why or whose advice is bad.
And based on the statement "Everything he said is absolutely false" in conjunction with the pre established message being possibly directed at Travis or Cammy, I'm inclined to believe that I should in fact, per this quoted statement, look for an expensive keyboard, with a very bad clock rate, bang my keyboard roughly, and not work on my fundamentals for gameplay.
1. Your reading comprehension needs work. Read his post again.
Originally Posted by Guitarman93 View Post
For future posts, let's not bash each other about Personal Scores or give advice unless asked for. It comes across as condescending.
Cammy's post doesn't do these these things. Mine arguably does. I specifically target a skill level, and give advice about how he should be ignored unprompted.
2. I'll accept the latter half of your sentence is fine. But I in no way target Cammy. Denote the "he" and how Cammy is female, according to their profile, and I know they prefer feminine pronouns. It's so clearly not aimed at Cammy. I'm a dick, but I don't mis-pronoun people on purpose. You even proceed to say "she" in the rest of your post, so I actually don't comprehend the reason you thought I went in that direction at all.

Which makes reading the rest of your post, pointless.
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