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Default Re: Do I need to upgrade my keyboard?

Originally Posted by Travis_Flesher View Post
everyyone's opinions are valid Xel. it's just a thread man.
just be nice for once and chip in your advice, opinions, thoughts, et cetera so we can be happy.
there are some really heated, kinda funny flamewars going on in other places
not in this keyboard advice article though
You can have keyboard preferences at any skill level, sometimes it's just comfort of use. Since everyone uses keyboards all the time, it's natural to start looking for certain features. However it's preposterous to give advice to others when the value of your opinion in competetive play is pretty much 0 so no, in this case not every opinion is valid. Even if Xel could've been nicer in saying it, he's right. Just listen to people who have several orders of magnitude more experience than you and don't pretend to know what you don't.

Back to the matter at hand, I've been playing ever since 2003 and played on a lot of shitty membrane keyboards. The first "good" keyboard I had was a 2007 apple flat keyboard, wich still had membrane but had an aluminium chassis and very reduced key travel. However, once you get used to a mechanical keyboard, there's no going back. I suggest brown switches, followed by reds and blacks. Some laptops also have okay keyboards, as long as you're able to stay light on the keys. Constant vibrations are also not very good for the internals. Until you are getting high scores on at the very least lv 60+ you can basically play on any potato keyboard and it will hardly make a difference.
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