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Default Re: TWG 194 - Game Thread

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
I never support DBP lynch here. If hes scum then fuck me for it in post but thats not a good lynch today and probably all game to me.

I dont believe Haku is 100% town

I think Dusk is probably wolf

But i think Jessie legit is wolf no matter what

Dusk just defended not lynching her and people keep deflecting from reading the slot all game because "lol inactive". Slots like that in Mylo is the exact reason DBP and I have a polixy to lynch inactives early game but then Xiz and FFA happen and the game went off rails. But yeah Leetic you arw wrong: People have been lowkey defending the slot.


If I'm wrong and me not being here fucks us, I take responsibility for losing the game. If you disagree with the target chose either Dusk or Haku. Never DBP here, and i dont support bolth atm

I'm off to be an adult now.
I'm pretty sure this is gonna end with you regretting being so sure of DBP in postgame, but ok.

Intent to vote jessie.

Originally Posted by Hakulyte
I followed the "by the book" play, but I was reading the "not to do" page.
Originally Posted by XelNya View Post
" I'd suck a dick in a dark, dark alley."
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"i gave you 20 ducks, and spent a lot of time making one of them quack, and pointed at the particular one and asked "is that one the worst quacker"" ... "you could still give somewhat of an answer based on the quality of the quacks, and the other random quacks from the ducks surrounding that weren't the center of focus."
Originally Posted by mellon_collie
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