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Default Re: Fall Memories [50 or 57]

Some quick thoughts:

I've played this file extensively (it was the R5 song in the Official Tournament for D1--I was in D1 at the time), and it's definitely harder than the R6 song (All is fair in rage). AIFIR is currently a 51, which seems roughly appropriate. For a D1 player, AIFIR felt fairly fast, but it's very manageable as I moved up. Even at the time, Fall Memories seemed more difficult, and the difference has become exaggerated as I've improved. My tournament scores were 705-96-20-7-51 for FM and 816-61-2-2-24 for AIFIR. Despite the much worse goods equivalent of FM, my round ranks were approximately the same for both. I've since improved to 3g clean on AIFIR, and just had an 11-0-0-1 run on FM.

At the same time, FM is fairly manageable at my current ability level (which is to say high D3). I'd have a hard time AAAing it, but I could certainly SDG with a solid run. For me, songs in the 50-60 range are sort of spotty--some are eminently playable, others are well beyond my ability to do correctly. Although I find FM challenging, particularly the minijacks, the minijack+burst, and the general near-hand layout, I'd say it's mid-tier for that difficulty range. Something like 54 or 55 feels closer in my estimation, although since it caters to my general level, my own strengths and weaknesses certainly color my opinion of the playability of songs in this range.

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