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Default Fall Memories [50 or 57]

If you'd like to view the file here:

The chart has only 47 AAAs and has mini jacks layered into a fast swing section (Fast for a 50 anyways). There is one particular brutal part around 600 combo - where minijacks precede a burst that is difficult to control. Only 168 players have even FC'd it. Looking at the scoreboard, only D5+ have AAA'd it, whereas if it really was a 50, you'd expect some D4 or D3 AAAs of it too. I know the song hasn't been played that much, but still. The minijacks in this are almost as hard as streets (61), but don't appear as often. Given the tempo and technicality of the file, I'd recommend around a 57.

I know this isn't in the Contested Chart Difficulties Sub-forum, but that forum is dead.

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