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Default Re: Song Difficulty Changelog

Originally Posted by One Winged Angel View Post

Changelog (Difficulties 75-99)

Wraith, Diff: (82 => 81) I'm not so sure about this one. There's a lot of speed and awkward patterning in here. Personally thought it was fine at 82
BEER, Diff: (78 => 79) Still needs further bumping up. Seriously, those polys are ASS
Piano Concerto 1 'ANTI-ARES' (For Kirby), Diff: (78 => 79) Not complaining about this one, just think that Radical Rat should've been bumped up first
Time to Eye, Diff: (77 => 78) Disagree. The 12th jack/polyrhythm is a bit rough but definitely not anything you wouldn't see in lower 70s, and the split jumptrill to 32nd to 24th to 48th burst (god that's a fucking mess) is rough but is learnable and early enough in the song to not cause any major source of pain. I don't think anyone actually cares about the standalone 48th rolls lol
Indo No Sobaya (t+pazolite Remix), Diff: (77 => 76) Honestly I think this could be a 75 just because the bursts are so spare and relatively smooth.
Overall, most of the new changes are pretty good.
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