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Default Re: Flash Flash Revolution: The App

You not use a SQL db for them? If so then yeah really wouldn't be that hard makin an ios/android equivalent if not, remake the chatroom in HTML 5 jquery w.e you fancy just not flash :') voila wouldn't even need an app then web browsers more than good enough.

The replays; i'm able to watch flash videos on my phone idk how they've done it but their has to be a way to do it. Just guessing would mean remaking another version of it where it's simply a non interactive flash video if you're accessing it from your phone, then just add whatever ios player thing most streaming sites use

@bmah: close enough
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
Dossar reached critical mass after the 9th Official and ascended to a being of pure Stepmanian energy.
You won't be seeing him in any more competitions as he has already joined his life force with the arrows.

In our hearts, every competitor is Dossar now. that or I'm guessing he's busy in school and doesn't want distractions.

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