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Unhappy After 12 long years, it's been a fun ride

Hey gang. October 27th, 2007. That date may not mean anything to you guys, but to me it means everything. It's the day I first played StepMania. I fell in love with the game and got progressively better and better at it. But, as with anything good, too much of it is not good. My hands have been in much pain for a while now and it got worse the last few weeks. I decided to see a doctor to get tests and it's a good thing I did because the tests showed that I have to retire. My play style and keytaps have caused me to strain my hands and develop nerve damage on both my fingers and hands. Trust me, it hurts to even talk about it, but it's true. I joined this site two years ago and I am satisfied with how far I've gotten. It's been a wonderful ride everyone. Thanks for keeping it cool. Stepmaniasamurai out.

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