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Default Re: Looking 4 keyboard that does not double tap

Originally Posted by 11brendon View Post
i second the modular suggestion, i myself have used this pcb with gateron brown switches for around a year now and have had no issues at all with it (outside of the rare polling rate issue, but does not affect gameplay nearly at all)

very cheap for what it is and very high quality for its price

a bonus is you can use any cherry, gateron, or kailh switches in it so if youre curious about one you can just buy a couple for cheap instead of an entire keyboard with those switches if youre curious
ya i got the old version of that (red LEDs) for like 80 bucks and i just throw old switches out and pop new ones in any time i get double tap issues. no soldering. i've never had a polling rate issue with mine, i think the spec is 1 kHz
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