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Default Re: Looking 4 keyboard that does not double tap

Originally Posted by itrondin View Post
I've tried so many keyboards. From red to blue to brown and even the mx speed ones. Every keyboard is different even though they have the same switch. I tried the G413 with their romer g browns and it sucked. The buttons were too heavy to press down and didn't come back up fast enough. I then tried the g910 with the EXACT same switch and it was a lot better. But yeah, im pretty sure browns dont doubletap. That little soft bump it has prevents that from happening. With the reds and mx speed, im pretty sure random boos come out all the time.
Yeah, I remembered that my dad has a red dragon blue switch and corsair k70 blue switch in his room, tried them both and hated the red dragon. The k70 blue switch wasn't too bad, but didn't feel as smooth as the red switch, so I think I might stay with red switches or get silvers
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