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Originally Posted by Charu View Post
Chapter 9: Ridley being too evil?
I kind of forgot to put this in the first chapter so I'm doing it here. If you haven't noticed by now, this story is just a humor story where some parts might not make sense, also some parts might be random humor which means humor that does not have a purpose in the story at all. I would like to thank you guys for being honest in your reviews and giving me advice for later chapters, now I know the previous chapter was totally random but hey, this is my story after all.

Morning came about and Samus woke up to the sound of somebody groaning in the bathroom.

"Wh-who's in our bathroom?" Samus asked herself. "Maybe it's a burglar or worse, somebody is doing IT in the bathroom without my permission."

Samus got out of her bed and began walking closer and closer to the bathroom door, her muscles tight as a knot, she took out her energy pistol which paralyzes anybody it touches, and she opened the door. When she checked in it, she saw the curtains to the shower closed. Still grabbing a hold to her gun, she walks in very slowly and puts her hand at the end of the curtain, still scared of she might see, she breaths in and out.

"Ok, to the count of three... 1... 2... 3!" She said as she pulled the curtains to reveal who was in the shower.

It was Ridley eating an orange in the shower, groaning because of the taste.

"AHHHHHHH!" Samus creamed making everybody who was asleep awake.

"What? Don't you wake up in the morning and grab an orange and then go in the shower to eat it?" Ridley asked.

"No I don't, you sick dragon, why do you do that anyway?"

"Because it's evil."

"How can it possibly be evil?"

"Well, for one thing, it makes you not being able to take your daily shower, and the other is because it's against the law."

"It's not against the law you dumb ass!"

"It is now, just see for yourself." He said as he grabbed a book titled "THE BOOK OF RULES" "its on page 333 in the middle."

"Where did you get that book at?"

"I took it from some guy."


"Because it's evil."

Samus rolled her eyes for his stupidity; she then walked out of the bathroom without looking back.

"Looks like somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed." He said to himself.

Later that day, Samus and Ridley were in science class learning another boring thing in the science world.

"Today, we will learn another boring thing in the science world." Said the Mother Brain. "Now, does anybody know what this is?" She said as she pointed at a bottle with blue liquid.

Samus raised her hand.

"Yes?" Mother Brain asked.

"How did you point?" Samus asked.

"That's a mystery I don't even know."

Ridley raised his hand but it hit the ceiling.

"Damn it!" He cursed under his breath.


"Is their anything here I can do evil here?"

There was silence for a little bit before Mother Brain spoke.

"No, there isn't anything you can do evil here."

"Why are we the only ones here?" Samus asked without even raising her hand.

"I don't know."

Ridley grabbed the bottle with the blue liquid and began to mix it with milk.

"Hey, I know how to mix things now."

"You fool, you are going to-"

It was too late; an explosion erupted from the bottles, which cause blue liquid to go everywhere.

"Hmm, now that's what I call an explosion!" Said Ridley smiling.

Mother Brain was mad now, she was so mad that the liquid inside her class container began to boil."

"Um, Ridley, I think you made her mad." Samus said to Ridley

"Well, duh, look at her." He answered.

"THAT DOES IT! LEAVE THIS ROOM NOW!" Mother Brain yelled.

Samus and Ridley both ran out without a thought. As they left, they heard an explosion coming from inside the room.

"Look's like she exploded, thanks to you!" Yelled Samus.

"I know, isn't it great! I love being evil!"

Later in math class, Mrs. Hag was teaching math like a normal teacher would.

"Now class, WE will be LEARNING how to BE EVIL!" Said Mrs. Hag.

Ok, maybe not... Samus and Ridley were in their seats listening to Mrs. Hag, Samus as usual was starting to get board with the whole thing. Ridley on the other hand was listening to every word Mrs. Hag was saying; he also was writing what she was saying.

"To be EVIL you have to think EVIL! For that to happen, you have to think Evil which is what I just said."

Samus, getting board as heck, mysteriously got out a GBA with a Metroid: Zero Mission cart, and started to play it. Ridley noticed this and had a wicked smile on his face as he thought out a prank. He looked away playing innocent; he then used his demon-like tail to go to where the cartridge is. Making sure that Samus didn't notice, he pushed the back of the cartridge and lifter it up causing Samus's game to crash. Ridley, with quick reflexes, moved his tail before Samus freaked out and turned the GBA over to the back to see the game cartridge out. Samus already knew who did it, and she took action right away. She took out her gun which can paralyze anything.

"Perfect." Ridley thought still having that wicked smile. "OH MY GOSH! THAT WOMEN HAS A GUN!" Yelled Ridley as he pointed at Samus.

Everybody then screamed and ran around in circles bumping into things and running into walls. Mrs. Hag then walked towards Samus with her big glasses of hers.

"Samus!" Started the teacher.

"This is it!" Thought Ridley.

"You just earned yourself..."

"Yes?" Thought Ridley.

"...An A!"

Ridley then changed his expression from a wicked smile to an open mouth.

"Hey, I'm the one that got her gun out!" Yelled Ridley, now angry.

"...Shut up you!" Yelled the teacher.

The students now stopped running around like morons and listen to the conversation.

"You can't tell me to shut up!" Ridley yelled, his eyes on fire.

"Shut up you waste of flesh."

"No, you shut up!"

"No, you."



Ridley then attacked the teacher by jumping on her and putted his claws deep within her flesh, which caused her to bleed.

"I! SAID! YOU!" Said Ridley with the most angered expression he had in awhile.

The teacher grabbed Ridley's thin neck and squeezed it, which made Ridley choke a bit, but he could still breathe and he was still piercing through her body with his claws. The teacher then squeezed harder at his neck, which caused him not to breath any more air. He began to choke, he wasn't out of tricks yet though, he used his tail to pierce one of the teacher's hands, and he did the same thing with the other. The teacher loosened her grip on Ridley's neck. Now that he could breath again, he began to get ready for inhale, ready to do one of his fire attacks. Just when he was about flame the teacher with his fire breath, the teacher grabbed his tail with her legs and with surprising strength, she threw Ridley across the room making him smack right into the wall leaving a crack. He coughed up some of his own blood that was in his mouth now. He got up and charged right at Mrs. Hag. With surprising speed, Mrs. Hag took out a tranquillizer gun and shot Ridley about 4 times with darts full of chemicals that make anything calm down and make them go to sleep. When Ridley got to the teacher, he did a weak punch and he collapsed to the ground. Mrs. Hag putted away her gun and bended down to the space dragon and took out the darts. She got right back up and stared at the class.

"What are you staring at you wastes of flesh, class is over." She said giving them a cold stare even though you couldn't see her eyes.

The students ran out of the classroom out of fear, but Samus stayed.

"Wow, who would of thought my roommate would go crazy." Said Samus.

Mrs. Hag stared at Samus.

"Grab your FRIEND and get out of MY classroom!" She yelled.

Samus did just that, she grabbed the space dragon and putted on her shoulders and walked out of the classroom fast. Little did she notice that there was a hidden camera in the corner that watched everything. The camera was labeled "Bio's secret camera"

Meanwhile somewhere else, in the security room, Bio was looking at the tape again seeing how Ridley got mad like that.

"This is perfect, I can use my uncle to take over this university, but how though, he might not accept... I know, I'll take his DNA and clone him!" He said out loud.

"Um, hello? We're right here. We can here you." Said the security.

"Then I won't have to repeat myself what I just said."

He then inhaled and blew fire at all the guards. They ran around screaming as they turned to ashes. Bio stopped and looked at their now ashes.

"Wow, wasn't expecting that to happen."

He then walked to the door and left the room.


Yeah, finally another chapter done! Sorry, I did start this chapter after my previous one, but then I don't know, I kind of stopped for a minute. All right, when you send your reviews, please be honest and tell me some things I need to fix. Yeah, I'm finally focusing on the plot now, and just random stuff. Ok, until next time, see you in space!
Gosh past self, you were a splendid writer. You're probably still writing like this today.

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