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Default Insignificant Multipurpose Brag Thread

Just got public AAA number 100 =)
It was on some Difficult song.

I also THOUGHT I just got my first Challenging AAA.
After having Brooks Was Here [Heavy] blackflagged for months, I finally AAA'd it. It reeeeealllllyyyyy pissed me off when I saw it was bumped down to a VD D:<

I wish they never fixed avmiss or at least didn't change the level difficulties. Avmiss only kept me from FC'ing FGOs. Nothing else. I learned to play with it, and I had to relearn to play without it. It's also cheated me out of what would be impressive FCs and AAAs.

Petition to get avmisses back?

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can someone clarrify what QFT means my friend told me its quit ****ing talking, but im not 100 percent sure

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I need a car that drives itself completely automated and I want it for free and it needs infinite gas mileage.


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