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Default Re: So I made a game

Originally Posted by PhantomPuppy View Post
ooh sick dude, i'll go check it out

edit: ok i'm about 5 min in and i already have no idea what i'm supposed to be doing O_O
It's kind of like a platformer, orbit some planets and head through wormholes. Definitely going to address objectives and what exactly you need to do haha

Originally Posted by katanaeyegaming View Post
I'll check it out and also may I ask what this is written in?
Built in Godot and written in GDScript, Godot's little Python-inspired language.

Originally Posted by HBar View Post
Neat game, I like the trippy wormhole graphics in the intro.

I can't get past level 5 yet, I fail at the start half the time, and then the few times I was able to navigate around the first planet after the next wormhole I crashed into something else.

It seems like the cursor needs to be close to the moon for the redirect power to register the intended direction, would it be possible to make it work regardless of how far away the cursor is?
Yes normalizing that vector was a big thing for us. We had issues with scaling and getting mouse position at a normalized angle, definitely going to be another thing we relook.

Also just for clarification, this version of the game will remain as a "Jam Edition", meaning all the bugs and quirks that came with the game for the Game Jam (a limited amount of time to make said game), will stay

thanks for your time guys <3 It really means a lot
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