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Default Re: TWG CLXXVII-The Resident Evil Game(mini version)

I'm surprised about xel flip but still stick by that he was the right call given what he gave us to go off of

2 things stand out to me:
1) we have a pr that claimed that is still alive
2) wolf and sk stack on zoshi / bulletproof popped

So from here:
1: InD is lock vigi right? Like counter claiming now is probably too late; why didn't he die?
2: assuming 1, with 6 left and one guaranteed town, we had 5 to choose from; for obvious reasons I can clear myself, and I think star is as town as it gets, so from my position it's between Olimar, Curry, and Roundbox (solely poe)

Out of olimar, curry, and roundbox, there's 3 styles and I need to work out which is most scummy:

1) inactive olimar
2) tone on curry
3) poor play on roundbox

Obviously the case on curry is weakest so I'm assuming sk and wolf are between olimar and roundbox

My issue here though is I don't see olimar as either sk or wolf even though he's been useless, based on his d0.

What if it's roundbox wolf and star sk? Am I wrong to clear star so easily? This world actually makes the most sense to me, and I could see how a really strong sk would play equivalent to how a town would with respect to trying to solve.

In other news there's actually a chance this is our last lynch (mislynch -> 2 town deaths -> 1/1/1; or mislynch -> town death -> 2/1/1; I think either of these are game over by town unless the latter involves sk and wolf killing each other at the end)
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