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Default Re: How Does One Get Back Into FFR?

Originally Posted by Frank Munoz View Post
I feel ya as I am trying to return as well.
I've nothing add though since HAKU said it all!
Rather, I will give personal experience

I am heavily in love with the legacy engine but sadly, it can't run rates, and.. looks like a legacy engine.
First thing I did was make R3 match legacy.
Changed the judge accuracy colour scheme, and placement. Screen cut to match the shortened window, narrowed the receptors, ya know.
For the "Amazing" accuracy.. I didn't use it at first, but making the colour the same as the "perfect" really stopped it from distracting me, and helped realize when I needed to change my offsets.
Speaking of.. I change offsets every chart.
I also use an older version of R3 since the newest has a different font and it throws me way off.
I've always used some $10 keyboard from walmart.
Got me a AAA on "-+" after my first hiatus.(if you're interested, I saved every replay to log my journey on my profile. Took about a month to regain and surpass my old skill)
Now, after my second hiatus, I don't have the time to really grind so it may take longer 😞

Anyways, I say just play play play and have fun!
Goodluck to ya'
Good call on those changes. Especially with the amazing judge. It was hella distracting so I'm gonna change it to the perfect color and try it among a few of the other things you did.

Originally Posted by irionman View Post
Haven't seen you in a hot minute Phynx.
Hell yeah irion. Been a decade+ or so. Went through a big personal change in my life and decided it might be good for my mental health to re-connect with old communities I was once a part of.
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