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Cool Re: How Does One Get Back Into FFR?

I feel ya as I am trying to return as well.
I've nothing add though since HAKU said it all!
Rather, I will give personal experience

I am heavily in love with the legacy engine but sadly, it can't run rates, and.. looks like a legacy engine.
First thing I did was make R3 match legacy.
Changed the judge accuracy colour scheme, and placement. Screen cut to match the shortened window, narrowed the receptors, ya know.
For the "Amazing" accuracy.. I didn't use it at first, but making the colour the same as the "perfect" really stopped it from distracting me, and helped realize when I needed to change my offsets.
Speaking of.. I change offsets every chart.
I also use an older version of R3 since the newest has a different font and it throws me way off.
I've always used some $10 keyboard from walmart.
Got me a AAA on "-+" after my first hiatus.(if you're interested, I saved every replay to log my journey on my profile. Took about a month to regain and surpass my old skill)
Now, after my second hiatus, I don't have the time to really grind so it may take longer 😞

Anyways, I say just play play play and have fun!
Goodluck to ya'
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