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Default Re: How Does One Get Back Into FFR?

Originally Posted by rushyrulz View Post
Logitech G710+

Interesting choice... I myself am not a huge fan of full size mechanical keyboards. I prefer the more laptop-style keys myself. I'm wondering how nice the G815 would be for FFR... It's about the best, low-profile, n-key rollover keyboard I can find online ATM.

Originally Posted by SputnikOwns View Post
I make it so that if I get a perfect or amazing, nothing shows up on screen to distract me.
However, I can see in my peripheral vision whether the amazing or perfect count went up. Given my personal standard of accuracy, if I'm getting <4x more amazings than perfects I know something is off.

Global offset is in regards to the auditory timing of notes. There's a global offset that will work for the majority of songs that only occasionally needs to be adjusted.

Judge offset is for visual timing. You can calibrate this by muting your game and you'll almost never need to recalibrate in the future.

What's weird is I always used the judge as a visual queue for when to time the arrows, ever since I first played FFR. So now, I adjusted the judge to just above the arrows(I play downscroll) and even a decade on, it still works for me to have that perfect flashing to assist in the keystroke timing. I've never personally been distracted by all the elements on screen, in-game so that particular part doesn't apply to me.

I also notice with a great deal of song that there is in fact a global offset issue. I'm gonna have to experiment with that to find a good balance for the auditory queues.

Originally Posted by Hakulyte View Post
You might want to look up anti-ghosting and try different keys first.

If you find an old standalone version of flash, you can still load the engine with the links from the in-browser page.
It works if you add back the "" part before the line.
I'm assuming it's written as it is because the root part of FFR could change with server changes etc.

I'll experiment with different keys. I like to play split handed. I've done AS;' and QW[]. I'll go to something a little tighter like DFJK and just see if positions like that change the ghosting.

Yeah I have a standalone flash client somewhere on my pHDD, I'll try it out to see if it all still works. I loved that old client for memories sake but that R^3 is fuckin' sick.
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