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Default Re: How Does One Get Back Into FFR?

So I went through this all, made a few changes and did in-fact notice a playable difference in-song. One thing I did have to do, I play on speed 2 and whether this is a result or not, every song I played felt off timing with the notes so I did the auto-calibrate it gave me a .291 judge offset and maybe I'm inaccurately perceiving it but the notes feel much more in time with that offset after playing about 20 songs with it. I find running 144 FPS seems to run smoothest.

Now as for the whole keyboard thing, I definitely need to figure out something new. This keyboard will randomly drop an input when I'm hitting doubles, triples, or quads. It's rather infuriating. If anyone else is on this thread, throw me some recommendations please.

Edit - For nostalgia's sake, is there a way to still play the legacy engine?
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