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Default Re: How Does One Get Back Into FFR?

Originally Posted by Phynx View Post
Like seriously. I'd like to start the grind again but with so many new engines to figure out, and those options though. As a guy who quit playing when you could still use the cheat codes in the old engine to play afroman songs, I'm at a loss as to what people are doing to play this game proper.

Which engine is recommended and is there a particular set of settings for timing and such that I should know ?

I'm gonna double tap this thread here to continue asking questions. Does anyone use custom offsets globally or for individual songs? Also, does turning on the "Amazing" judge score help with training accuracy or is it just an annoying "goal" to achieve to be able to AAAA a song? Do you full screen the R3 engine or are you like me and keep it stock size? Does one way benefit more over the other? What is a good keyboard for FFR anymore? I've always used a Lycosa, I'm prone to the laptop style keys. Anything like that, that's better than the lycosa?
Oh, it's been a while Phynx. Not that we talked much, but we're from a similar era I think.
It's fun to see familiar names coming back.
I feel like throwing some random info, but I'm sure others know better / have different preferences so, yeah.

Go to download section.

Download rCubed first. This is the Engine with the most features.
If your game run smoothly then you're all good. (try to play songs fully at multiple difficulty levels to check that)
If you're having issues, consider trying the Hybrid Edition that's more performance related despite having less features.

I do recommend experimenting a bit with 50, 60, 144/250 framerate. You might notice a slight difference in timing from the Engine.
Note that unlike the Velocity and older engines, the perfect timing is a little more late.
Amazing is interesting because there's 3 perfect frames and the center one is the amazing so, if you hit a lot of them you know you're dead center.
This can save your AAA run on more difficult songs, but eventually you'll just have a feel for what works either way.
The game still has strangely converted songs and AAAAing specific patterns at a certain speed is near humanly impossible e.g: 32nd notes with poor conversion.
Some songs with round number bpm like 90, 180 etc. seems to be AAAAble surprisingly. e.g: Yoshi's Cookie / Dancing On Blades.

I'll share my settings just for the sake of having an example. It's mostly preferences past a certain point. It depends what you need to play at best.

This is what my options look like. I kept PA counter/Amazings because I actually try to quad the first 20-50 notes of a song to get a feel of the timing and then I just try to play normally.
Halved notes is more a preference thing. I feel like the less different colors to interpret, the faster to read, but im not comfortable going full 1 color. (noteskin colors can be edited)

Under "Editor" I moved the receptors up and removed nearly everything that could distract me while playing. Screencut feels less visually tiring, but sometimes it just doesn't help enough if the song is too fast.

About custom offsets:

There's currently no official chart of what's the perfect custom offset for each song afaik.
There's no reason to use a global offset for everything in the main engine, but some alternate engines used to have songs that were all converted the same way. It's often +5.4 or -5.4. I don't remember exactly.
When it comes to FFR Main, I usually leave it at 0 unless a specific song feels off.
Judge Offset is more for input stability. Some keyboards register more late/early, but I wouldn't touch this unless I played a song and I'm constantly late or early the very same exact way the entire song.
It's usually no more than -0.1~-0.4 for me, but I've seen people use up to -1 at very high speedmod.
In a perfect world, you want to leave this at 0 if you can and adjust your speedmod first to naturally hit perfects.

The main rCubed Engine has a Song Option in the menu if you right click a song where you can adjust custom offsets. The Hybrid version doesn't have this.
Since Flash shutdown, you can also preview songs there now.

In the Engine, F1 still works as "help" and F2 is still showing replays. This is a little more relevant now since flash no longer work.
You can still copy/paste the "Replay Import Code" from your or others replays to watch them.

I think playing full screen would be ideal, but I haven't quite fixed the habit of playing windowed. It seems to depend a bit on how far you sit from your monitor and how comfortably you can read.
I think long term full screen is better if you can make it work.

Red switches are good for farming AAAs.
Brown switches are a bit better for speed/jacks.
Romer G switches feels like an hybrid of Red/Brown, but it was also registering like a tiny bit faster than red. (made songs with fast mini-jacks easier)
I haven't tried other switches, but heard blue was good for vibrating.

As for the Lycosa, I'm tempted to mention that we're approaching the point where Topre switches kb are getting more affordable than before, but I honestly lack feedback on them.
They're some kind of hybrid between rubberdome / mech which might feel similar. (?)
The safe bet is probably to buy a similar kb as a top player. Whatever AnmaO/Myuka/Sillyfangirl has been using.

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