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Default Re: Do I need to upgrade my keyboard?

Originally Posted by Dynam0 View Post
Your original argument, while actually good, is greatly diminished by the way in which you posit it and the lack of respect you give to others in the discussion.
Congrats. You have tripled down successfully. My original posts are respectful, they stick to facts, and aren't personal attacks, they're not even rude. Now this:

Originally Posted by XelNya View Post
If you think anything else, I hope you never land yourself in a position where your ability to make choices is paramount to the success of anyone else.
Is a bit rude. But accurate.

Oh, and, me being rude diminishes my argument none, unless you're actually perverse to thought. You can't dispute what I said, and even you go out of your way to say so. Walk away now, you're actually done.
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you're on thin ice there bud
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