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Default Re: request: EXTREMELY EASY songs batch (difficulty 1 songs and lower)

Originally Posted by SputnikOwns View Post
The amount of effort it would take to add just a few more songs in this region is so small I can't think of any arguments against it.
It's not about the effort, especially if you just wanted the stepper to just hit every 8th beat of the song with a random quarter note, like many of the low level songs currently are.

It's partly about not wanting to "waste" an mp3 we have permission for on a song that almost nobody will play, and maybe a certain element of professional pride in work that makes people not want to make something incredibly simple and boring by the standards of 99% of the active playerbase.

The actual number of people who would self-describe as "Playing FFR" or being "an FFR player" for whom a level 1 song is at all interesting is probably in all seriousness, 5-10 people total.

Combine that with the time investment in putting songs through the batch/judge process before they finally get released, and the limit on the number of songs somebody is allowed to submit to an open batch, and you get multiple disincentives to make extremely easy charts.

I see you in here Kayla, if you want a bunch of super easy songs put in, just let me know and I can step like, 10-20 this week and we can just shove them into the game :P

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