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Default Re: request: EXTREMELY EASY songs batch (difficulty 1 songs and lower)

Originally Posted by xXOpkillerXx View Post
In all the years I've played this game I've never seen any new player struggle with difficulty 1-3. I'd argue that a lack of familiarity with game settings holds back most new players. Heck after 2 days of helping my gf find the right setup for her she was clean FCing 10s. I disagree with the claim that we need more extremely easy files.
Pretty much this. If you struggle with songs that have 1 note every couple seconds for more than 15 minutes its because you arent familiar at all. But even that being the case its pretty easy to get used to it and play up to 10-15 range within a day. My nephew only plays like once every few months for a few minutes and he usually plays 30s and such even though he cant fc them he gets dingle digit misses most of the time. He has no rhythm game experience other than FFR and rarely plays yet doesnt find extremely easy songs hard.

Maybe we do need a couple more, but i dont think many people just stick with 1s when first playing and usually venture off with curiosity and because of it get better a bit faster than you would expect
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