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Default Re: How do i get good at this game?

set goals on songs that are actually relevant files and challenge specific skillsets and work towards them by playing similar files or by downrating them and slowly working up to the rate your goal is

heres a list of decent files that are D5, theres tabs at the bottom.. id suggest just skipping D4 and downrating D5 files, goals for D5 shit would be like

jacks - flower dance 1.5 in Mina Megapack 4
jumpstrem - Grief and Malice 1.0 in Fullerene Shift
speed/streams - Hospital 1.0 in Skwid 3
chordjacks - KISS CANDY FLAVOR 1.0 in Yolomania 2
handstrem - Bird Spirit - Awakening of Light- 1.1 in FFR Community Pack 4
stamina - idk, maybe Cyber Induction 1.0 in nuclear blast 4

or dont do that and just play worthless overrated long jack files that train nothing, either way probably works \_(ツ)_/

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