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Default Re: FFR Scores ~2019 Remix~

This will probably be my best score this year. Ok pce
BEST AAAs: Fluttershy (Monster Mix), S.E.B. in B.E.D., EHHS, Dreadnought [Heavy], .357 Magnum, Destination of the Heart, Oops, Boot, Puzzle, Colorful Course,
BLACKFLAGS: Spaceman, A FLOWER GARDEN, Paraclete, Just Why, Pussy Pump, Future Destination
BEST SDGs: Casino fire Kotomi-chan(7-0-0-1), Shitsubou Choco(7-0-0-0) Adventures of Lolo(7-0-0-3), Louder!! Louder!!!! Louder!!!!!!(3-0-0-1), Great Battleship(3-0-0-0), Shatterscape (Bexarametric Remix)(5-0-0-1)
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