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Default Re: Practising MegaMan X4

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
No joke you should! Speed running is fun I'm just bad at it hahaha, and a lot of my favorite games aren't suited for it (fighters, IIDX)

Kinda am itchin's to grind a platformer lately, tho.

Sometimes the break is welcomed my dude
And the load times are quicker when you don't open the lid of the system

Jelly of meh X4 skill I see how it is

I remember this being easier then the other X titles but we're talking decades since I played them. Had the PS2 collection as a teen and me and the gang beat every one except X6 because fuck that nonsense haha

Might run through at least X4-6 again, try to get the PlayStation trilogy done at least for the bragging rights. X6 is gonna be with a damn,walkthrough tho

You play iidx my guy? haven't played that in a while. Also what fighters do you play and on what platform you can hit me up and play some if you want.

Megaman x4 though is def a game i've considered speedrunning as a full time thing as it is one of my favorite games of all time.

as for the other X games my thoughts are publically known but so we're clear

X1: fucking industry defining game nuff said
X2: while not as defining as the first def not a game to be slept on.
X3: in comparison to the first 2 it's kinda meh but TBH it's not terrible.
X4: Easily one of the best games i've played on any platform period.
X5: Diet X2 if it and X4 had a kid.
X6: Not the worst game but certainly mediocre.
X7: See my response to shadow gods thread on the topic from 2019 to know how I feel about this absolute dogshit game.
X8: inbetween X5 and X6

regardless of that we should talk some about any strats on discord as the last time I tried running this a few years back it was vastly different.
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