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Default Re: 13th Official Tournament Predictions Thread

Originally Posted by iironiic View Post
I did pretty well with Top 8 predictions a few weeks ago. Going to extend this and say that Top 3 in order for D6 will be Cryolien, .Gazelle. and WSCB. This one is tough because I can see so many permutations of Top 3 happening in D6 lmfao.

Also, my predictions are wrong about myself which was honestly a pleasant surprise. I predict that I will definitely be out this round with the lowest score (:
Originally Posted by sanjixcon
My picks for D6 top 8 (in no particular order)

-Untimely Friction
-and me hopefully :]
'ppreciate the nominations! I feel like there's a good chance I'll be out by the end of next round; most likely sooner than R8. Still playing split (learning spread but have a ways to go)... and lucky so far with patterns that seem a bit more friendly this time (meaning less constant 2 3 2 / 24 3 24). I think there's a lot of potential throughout D6 that hasn't been unearthed/displayed yet. You're all formidable competitors to me!
Originally Posted by One Winged Angel View Post
also who the fuck unlocks scarhand on unicron barbeque yes this deserves a double post what the fuck
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