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Default Ask anything about everything.

(Ask Anything)

Though, first I would like you to understand that Existence is a duality; light expresses it and the darkness conceals it. To make that clearer here are some reasons to guide your questions:

- Truth follows a reason, Knowledge follows an evidence.
- Heads or tails is knowledge, two sides of a coin is truth.
- A god can make reason, but not answers.
- A devil can make knowledge but not answers.
- Humans make answers by finding knowledge in search of truth.

So, Two worlds/One existence.

- Light is the path of reason, darkness is the path of knowledge.
- Truth always wins, knowledge always loses.
- A heart's memory is more powerful than a brain's.
- Truth always tries to kill us, knowledge always tries to live us.
- Denial is strength that never grows stronger, acceptance is a weakness that never stops improving.
- Right or wrong cannot replace a nature.
- When you don't know something, don't try to know what you don't know, try to know why you don't know.

So, make a question. A question can also be an answer.
If I do not know, it is not my position to know. Some truths are forbidden to some.

Ask earnestly. I could use the practice. I will answer questions once a month.

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