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Default Re: why should we care about other people?

If we define caring to be a feeling of concern or interest, caring about another serves the purpose of motivating actions to pursue that interest, whether it be actively preserving another's well-being, or conversing with them to gain more information. Both ultimately result in you identifying what their needs are so that you can provide for them, or at least see whether you would provide. This leads to the question: Why would one give to another? (By giving I mean interacting with someone in a way that may be perceived as providing something)

In a strictly selfish sense, giving is a social contract implying quid pro quo. Doing this acknowledges that one lives in a world of inequity, where goods (in the most general sense) have different value to different people, and that someone else could do something that you could not. Then there's morality, religion, philosophy... plenty of things could motivate someone to care, and then to give.
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