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Default Re: why should we care about other people?

I believe that caring about other people comes down to a want & need basis, whether it be love, attention, opinion, or requirement of teamwork in other tasks. But how much a singular person cares about other people is solely dependent on how much they'd be willing to care in a first place. Such as, a person who sits at their computer every day and plays video games may have a relatively low number of other people they care about, but a person who works as the boss of a company may care about a ton of people, to both make sure they get work they care about done, the money they care about in their pocket, and the care they have towards the dedication of how much value they can create.

You can assign a value to anything in this sense, and I believe it's been talked about at one time or another on these forums. It depends on the person and the position that they're in to care about said people. If someone has depression their interpretation of self-care and the amount that others care about them can be skewed, or underestimated. If someone is outgoing, or self-centered, their self-care and the amount that others care about them can be skewed in the opposite direction.

To be fair, the more I think about the question, the more I think that it shouldn't be a why should we statement, but more along the lines of a why do/don't we statement, because why should we suggests that there is some sort of social law that requires people to do so, when the short answer to that, is there isn't. There are people that care only about themselves, and there are people that care about the world and the planet.
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