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Default Re: FFR Scores ~2019 Remix~

Originally Posted by Moonlight_X View Post

Posting this because it took me so many restarts to get after about 30 black flags, finally got it. Only 6 Challenging ones left for me to clear off. Which ones did you find the hardest of the group ? Seiran's Mad Hammer should be a 59 or even a 60 and The Impresario is not a 50 lol it is 8 mins 45 sec long and has a lot of random changes in it. Pork and Beans it probably the hardest one left I reckon. The bottom 3 are pretty easy, Out Stage I get too many mind blanks in.

Lol the impresario.....was a 37 for awhile. Its definitely not a 50 in terms of difficulty fcing since nothing in it is "hard" pattern wise. But aaa wise its up there. The ending is pretty brutal though because of the placement.
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