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Default Re: A list of all Major Simfile Packs for StepMania v2

A little bump for a year end progress update!

EDIT: Beginning a mass upload of files now! There are 136 packs in the queue at the moment, and they should all be hopefully uploaded by Wednesday at the latest. After that I'll start organizing and classifying them as pad, solo, couples, or "keyboard" (4-key). At this rate, we could be approaching 1,000 packs uploaded and indexed very shortly!

x (dead) (done) (done, although 7mai packs are glitched) (done)
- (This is too huge and oddly sorted, I might attack some files, but this feels like a reliable enough server. This link really should be in the OP).
x (All mirrors I checked were broken, and the main hosting site for the files is also down. It's as good as dead.)
x (site "temporarily" unavailable) (Done, uploading the rest of the stuff tonight.) (done, uploading soon)
x (dead) (Done, uploading VCP11)
x (single releases and password protected files...useless)
x (I have no idea what I'm doing...) (done)
x (dead)
x (I have no idea what I'm doing...)

Bear in mind that some things on the SMO downloads section may be listed as keyboard even though they are pad packs. I am well aware of this, and will update this soon, but I feel downloading and uploading the packs are more important at the moment.

I will be uploading the solo packs along with the packs I haven't uploaded from shortly. At the moment of this post, 823 packs have been uploaded to the SMO downloads database, exceeding over 100GB in total. I have no idea how many songs, but I'll assume it's a hell of a lot.

Packs from that exist but I couldn't download:
Sixteenth Stream Stamina Circlejerk (SSSC)
Aoreo's Ariginals
Aoreo's Snack Pack
Blazemix 1: Epic Impact
The BoxX PaxX
c0m37 Originals
Stupid Doubles Charts
Ceder's Christmas Pack
Experiment U

Dark Luke's:
1st mix (2003-2007)
2nd mix (2007-2009)
3rd mix (2010-present)

DVogan's Hot Treats and Fresh Beats
Dawn of VictoReaF
Jmar's Alpha & Omega
Kigha's Redemption
Lama Pack (unless this is the same thing as Lama Pack v2)
Hardcore Groove #2
Hardcore Groove #3

Episode II
Episode III

Mudkyp 3rd Gen+
Mute Sims 1
Mute Sims 2
MLP Season 01 Revision 2 (not sure if fix, or an actual pack)
Cirque du Beast
My Little Spooty - Episode 2
Sudziosis II
Telperion's Double Take
Toni's Maximal Pack
BEaST of Wister
BEaST of Wister 3
Bob Wister R3TURNS
Xynn's Stuff
-carlitos- Pad Pack
Psycho MagaPack
All American Sportscenter 4: In The Groove Tournament
D.O.W.N.S. ITG Tournament
D.O.W.N.S. 2: ~dOuBLe dOwNz~
Devon's Expansion Pack
FEC1 Expansion Pack
FML 2: In The Groove 2 Tournament
GOMX Expansion Pack (normal songs and marathon song sections needed)
Hair's Valentine's Delay (Couples Pack)
Harrisburg Family Fun Center 2
Harrisburg FFC (HFFC1)
ITG French Cup
ITG Tournament Remix 3 (U.S. Open Expansion Pack)
Jimbo's R21 Edit Tournament Pack #1
Jimbo's R21 Edit Tournament Pack #2
Kings of the Coast (KOTC) #1
Kings of the Coast (KOTC) #2
MasterWok Sightread Tournament #2
Midwest Expansion Pack AASC3 Revision (10s through 13s and 14s through 16s sections needed)
RG Canada 2011 Summer Conference
RIP II Expansion Pack
Rocky Mount X (RMTX)
Rumble in the Prairie III
"Rynker VS The World" ITG Tournament
Sightread Gayness Tournament Pack
Super Mega Awesome Gay Fun Time 1
Team Murder Tournament Pack
Tropical Fun Zone 1 (10's-12's and 13's-16's sections both needed)
8otb Mid-A Meetup Tournament #2- 6-23-07
Bento - A Small Tribute to MasterWok
Rebirth 2 (v1.5) (I guess this might be ITG Rebirth 2?)
r21freak FriendShip Pack #2
Titties Pierre Originals

HOLY CRAP, does anyone have any of these packs? This is the stuff that happens when everything is mediafire and 2shared links. On the bright side though (by some miracle) I was able to download a 14 PART PACK from mediafire without any broken links. That honestly impressed me.
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