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Default Re: A list of all Major Simfile Packs for StepMania v2

Originally Posted by qqwref View Post
In my pack database I did put in some effort to try to get the correct names, so you can name your packs what I have them as if you're not sure. Note that sometimes I put the common abbreviation after the pack name in parentheses (e.g. "Video Game Mega Pack (VGMP)"). Also, it seems like the SMO site drops everything after the first period in the filename, so you should be careful about that, since it might cut off names like " Competition Pack".
I'll try to do some manual renaming then. Although I would much prefer to wait a day or two and see if anyone has already done so (or if a non glitched version exists somewhere).

I am aware of this, which is why I have removed all periods from all uploaded packs. There are some sorting errors with casing and other things regarding numbers, packs names have been slightly altered to accommodate this for better sorting and indexing. If you see something that appears cut off though, by all means post it here. Even with all of my checks, it may be very possible I overlooked something.

EDIT: I'm downloading the solo packs and will be uploading them to SMO fairly shortly. Pretty much everything from Icy's thread is done except for this broken link.

beatmaniaIIDX 17 SIRIUS Megapack (this was re-mirrored, but I was denied permission on one of the parts so the new mirror is worthless)
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