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Default Re: A list of all Major Simfile Packs for StepMania v2

Originally Posted by Astraia View Post
i'll up more packs XD,but only mediafire ~
Alright cool, be sure that they haven't been uploaded to the SMO downloads section before uploading!

All DivineElegy community packs and a few more Eze gave me have been uploaded and indexed. I'm currently attacking, but it is slow, and only one file can be downloaded at a time. I'm making phenomenal progress though, 742 packs are currently hosted, and I'm downloading more stuff as I post this!

EDIT: If anyone can give me the 7mai packs without them being glitched up as hell, that would be wonderful! The 7mai packs from don't register properly because the names of everything are glitched. I have no idea what anything would be named, so it would be silly to rename everything so the songs register on my end.

EDIT 2: So you know what I mean by glitched, I mean all the SM's, dwi's, mp3's, etc have names that are complete gibberish. I'm not sure if this has to do with getting files from different parts of the world or something, but everything is names random garb like ‚*ƒƒˆƒ‚ƒ or ƒLƒŠƒgƒŠƒZƒ“.mp3. Nothing matches up, so pretty much no songs load on SM. I'm not renaming things if I have no idea what they were called in the first place.
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