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Default Re: TWGTurbo 32: The TWG Train Rolls All Night Long GAME THREAD

Originally Posted by choof View Post
not really
in a normal game with like 48-72 hour day phases, wouldn't you want to get at least somewhat serious when you have a fraction of those hours left
I don't see what's "tryhard" about doing the same in a turbo

for the sunfan thing I just wanted to see him post
for the xel vote, feel free to reread the thread
My understanding is that you were saying you may not have voted or discussed that Xel was asking people to vote without doing it himself, if there was more time left in the game. I guess I just do not understand why waiting would ever be preferable, when the person you have a concern about is still around to have dialogue with you about it. So, I get a bit of a vibe from that, and the other post I quoted, that you are specifically trying to present yourself as reasonable in a way that a wolf could, by using a more tentative approach.

That being said, I do actually like the thought process with what you noticed with Xel. The idea that wolves may be less inclined to vote early on, is a plausible starting point to me. I personally am slightly disinclined to vote Xel on this day because post 36 sits well with me for some reason, in terms of being genuine, and is actually on a game related subject.
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