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Default 1st Unofficial FFR Self-Improvement Tournament

Do you wonder what it is like to compete against others outside of your own division? What about competing against yourself? Interested in joining an unconventional tournament that is facilitated by the programming powers of Python?

Welcome to the 1st Unofficial FFR Self-Improvement Tournament!

Tournament Rules and Overview:

This tournament is designed to motivate all participants to improve their own personal best scores. By the nature of how scoring is defined, this tournament will contain no skill divisions. Players conventionally assigned to D1 in standard tournaments will have a unique opportunity to compete against some of the top ranked players!

Bonus: Everyone fully participating in this event will be guaranteed to earn credits!

Eligibility Requirements:

To control fairness for all involved participants, prior to signing up, we ask each interested member to meet the following requirements:
  • have at least 100 recorded unique scores to build out a complete "Top 100 Scores" page
  • be an active member of the community for at least 0.5 years (**)
  • hold Top 100 AAA equivalent scores within range of player's skill set (++)
(**) Message me if you don't meet this requirement.
(++) This is determined by using a mathematical formula I created in my Python script. Sorry for being unclear here!

I have written a Python script to determine your eligibility based on these conditions. If you fail to meet eligibility requirements, the only suggestion I would recommend you to do before signing up is to play more songs and improve your Top 100 scores (particularly your lowest ranked scores). This Python script is designed to minimize the amount of potential sandbagging so that all participants will have a fair and hopefully fun experience! Ineligible participants will be notified privately to make sure their scores are valid for entry. They will also have until the start of the tournament to reapply for eligibility. Feel free to reach out to me in private if you need better understanding what the ask is. Thanks!

Of course, not every Python script is fully foul-proof, so if any suspicious activity surfaces during the progression of the tournament, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will address the concern appropriately.

Tournament Organization and Scoring:

After the signup deadline is passed, I will run another Python script to save and store your Top 100 scores before the start of the first round of the tournament. There will be a total of five rounds (each one week long) for every eligible participant.

Song choices per round will be determined by your own Top 100 scores (you have 20 song options to choose from). Specifically, each player will have the option to submit any score for songs ranked:
  • Round One: 81 to 100 in player's Top 100 scores
  • Round Two: 61 to 80 in player's Top 100 scores
  • Round Three: 41 to 60 in player's Top 100 scores
  • Round Four: 21 to 40 in player's Top 100 scores
  • Round Five: 1 to 20 in player's Top 100 scores
Scoring will be measured based on how many raw goods you have successfully shaved from your previous personal best. This is defined by your raw score submission minus your previous best raw score submission. These deltas will then be added up to get your overall score. Credits will be distributed based on your total score.

Lastly, to further incentivize fixing scores closer to AAA while maintaining the respect that I, as the host of the tournament, will not be receiving any credits at the conclusion of the event, in addition to winning the credits received by fully participating in the event, I will be re-distributing my accumulated earnings to every active participant with improvements that match closely to the respective song's maximum AAA equivalency. This credit redistribution will occur at the conclusion of the tournament.

Cash Prize Distribution:

Huge shoutouts to Rapta for adding $150 in the overall prize pool! The cash prizes of $30 will be rewarded to five lucky participants, generally chosen at random. Two of these participants would be chosen randomly from the list of Top 5 winners of the tournament, and the remaining three would be chosen randomly from the remaining set of participants.

Score Submissions:

Please post screenshots of your scores on this thread to submit a score. This is done by using Snipping Tool or Print Screen button to save the image on your local computer (make sure to crop the image appropriately) then uploading the image on a free image hosting site.

After the image is successfully loaded online, RIGHT CLICK on the image and click "Copy image address". Use this image path to attach the screenshot in your post!

You are welcome to submit as many scores within the 20 song choices available to you for a given round. Please try to minimize duplicate posts by updating your post if necessary. I will be posting "Updated scoreboard to here." posts throughout the duration of the tournament, giving you the cue to create a new post to further update your scores if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I cannot improve any score for a given round?
Unfortunately, you will be submitting a negative score for this round. However, you can try to get a score closest to your previous personal best to minimize the decrease of your overall total. Remember, you have 20 different songs to choose from, so this should be enough for you to find an option that would help you avoid losing too many points.

What if I don't submit a score for a given round?
Failure to submit a score for a round will disqualify you from receiving any credits/cash from this event. These credits will be redistributed to the remaining active participants, increasing everyone else's potential credit earnings. It is your best interest to submit any score to guarantee winning credits, even if you receive a negative score for all rounds!

What if I obtained a Top 100 score outside of the tournament (via new song, improvement of a song not assigned in a round, etc.)?
These scores shouldn't have any impact to the song choices you can play in all five rounds. This is the reason why your Top 100 scores are cached previous to the start of the first round. If you don't know what songs qualify for a round's song submission, feel free to reach out to me and I can let you know!

What if we have multiple songs improved within the song choices we have? (Credit: badman7772)
Your tracked score will be the best improvement of all submitted scores for that round. If you are unsure which improvement is considered the best, it's okay to just submit all of your songs attempted. I would kindly ask you to submit scores within reason (i.e. submitting only your improved scores vs. literally all 20 lol). Thanks!

Oops.. I am late to register for the tournament. Can I sign up for the tournament?
Unfortunately, I will not be accepting late registrations to the tournament due to the fact that I need to cache everyone's scores at the same timestamp. I am purposely giving a bit of time to allow everyone to join the tournament with advance notice, so please be aware next time!

1st Unofficial?
That's correct! If this tournament kicks off well, I plan to host future self-improvement tournaments on an annual basis. My Python scripts are already well-equipped to deal with this (:

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