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Default Re: TWG 190: Written in Blood and Betrayal - Game Thread

Originally Posted by Charu View Post
Also as a special update, I'm surprised while I was away no one made mention of important facts!


Since only one unforunate soul perished in the night, there's a lot of "what if's" that are in play, but fret not my loving audience!

If there was some kind of block that happened, please present your case now for the rest of the contestants! It's only natural a good citizen would announce that they blocked someone in the hopes that it did block a nasty bullet to the cranium. Even if the block isn't on our, now audience member, Xelnya!

But be warned, there's a good chance one of adversaries could do the same thing and look a lot better for an undisclosed amount of time!

Let me explain this one, ladies and gentlemen~

Lets bring up everyone's favorite sub-segment:

Mechanics and You

Right, if you haven't paid attention to the mechanics in this game, or at the very least the potential roles that could be in the game, then me summarize an important one in this setup.

Town and Wolf Roleblocker

Specifically, lets look at the possible Anti-Town roles!

There's more possibilities where one of our adversaries is a blocker rather than the hundreds of probably combinations that one of the good boys and girls did. Which is why I propose the contestant who blocked anything to come out.

If the opposite party, or still that possible third party, would like to come out and try their luck with a gamble that may or may not fail as more information is unveiled, then I say feel free to cash in on a quick buck as they say!

gunna start out with this charu post. i dont like how he is probing for information based on the lack of a second kill. He's asking for claims here which at this stage in the game and what he's asking for feels more like that form the mind of a wolf than a town. He also focuses on the wolf team, which i feel is a thing wolves would tend to tunnel on. Feels more like probing for PRs than trying to solve the game. With the number of possibilities of why there is only 1 kill last night, it just doesn't feel like enough information for solving the game, and i feel any information gained out of this would end up in the wolves favor, and not towns.

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