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Default Re: TWG 198 - TWGabout Succession [GAME THREAD]

Originally Posted by Hakulyte View Post
Hey Sunfan, I'm going to genuinely lock vote you for having this piece of wolf evidence on you.

I want to see the narrative where you explain town you making this masterpiece.
here's a post from the most recent mafia game I played in, FG referenced it shortly before she subbed out (FFA, FG and I won it yesterday afternoon)

some context will be lost here, but it should still suffice as evidence:

(btw that player did get killed the next day and he flipped red which I thought was great)

I'm an asshole in TWG sometimes. I care more about winning than I should, and this is bad for a couple reasons, I'll make it short. I'm going to try to be funnier sometimes because it'd make me more fun to play with, and doing stuff like what plop does where he made a banner for an official statement from that fake law-firm is the kind of thing I am jealous of, because it looks fun

so, I had fun making that image. I was sad when no one really responded to it at first, but such is life.

to actually get to your argument. You're not right on the team of 3. Even if you were, there's almost 0 chance you'd be right for the right reasons. Stop casting a net trying to catch every fish in the ocean.

If you think I'm scummy for having made that image, go ahead and vote me. But please, stop chasing a world of three on the second day phase without any mechanical information.
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FFR is a pretty good place somehow.
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