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Default Re: Mafia Champ Representative for Season 6

So I was in Game 1 and it ended this morning, resulting in a wolf sweep. (I was a wolf.) Town on average didn't play all that well but it was still a satisfying victory.

I put every fiber of my being into the game and it was honestly exhausting even though town made a bunch of misplays. The credentials for advancing to the finals are "who is the best mafia player?" so I played like the kind of person I would vote for: a leader, somebody who leads wolves and also town, someone who exposes themselves and puts themselves out there, pioneering lynches and manipulating people if it means advancing a long-term path to victory for my team. Town was susceptible to our strategies so none of us were ever a wagon. The entire game was TvT wagons.

That at least is my main criterion for best wolf play. Another player on my team played nearly impeccably: hardly ever suspected but played more passively and went with the flow. Great UTR play, did everything he needed to do. It feels petty to say this but I think he's going to clinch the #1 spot from this game for that reason.

I'm pretty guaranteed to go to wildcards at least which I'm honestly bummed about since I was going super hard to go straight to finals but, that's life

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