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Default Re: Rhythm Games, A Long-running Niche: A video essay?

I think it's really important to point out the cost factor.

Most non-touch screen rhythm games require some sort of outside controller. Guitar Hero and Rockband controllers were relatively inexpensive and very easy to find at a local game store, as well as those flimsy soft DDR pads. Everything else was/is basically non-existent unless you specifically look for them online

Something like a IIDX or Soundvoltex controller is going to not only cost hundreds of dollars, but it also requires knowing where/how to get these things. You need to 1) have a good enough computer and 2) be able to set your computer up properly to play the game. Then there are shipping and customs fees on heavy equipment. Beat Saber requires a VR setup. Unfortunately this is just not accessible to some people, or they are not interested quite enough to make an actual investment into it.

Of course there are many free rhythm games as well, of course FFR, osu! and Love Live would be some examples. But for a large portion of rhythm games, you need to either be able to afford/find a controller or live close to an arcade that has that game. This leaves the pool of players smaller
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