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Default Re: Drum Corp International '011

Originally Posted by Ickalanda View Post
He is not marching again this year just because he has been doing something band related basically full time every year since he was in 6th grade and wants to try other things. He intends to march with scouts again the following season, he is only 17 now and a senior in High School. I play Alto Saxophone in the Western Michigan University Marching Band though and he is going to be joining me in that this upcoming season.
I'm so jelly lol. Marching scouts being 16-17? ... For most snareline people like me you don't get to reach this level until your age-out year or close to it. Too much competition. It's nuts how many people want to march snare.

Hell, I can't even make the lowest ranked world class corps so far with what chops I have! and I already have a year of experience . Wish me luck though! I have one more camp to prove myself.
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