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Default Re: life story thread

Gonna see if maybe I can close this out and summarize a bit better. Aj and I bounced around for a bit longer while trying to find solid footing somewhere. From SC we stayed at my mom's temporarily in NJ, then got our own apartment. My job fucked me and cut my hours so we moved to Chicago with his father and his at the time girlfriend. We discovered a mold infestation that made me really sick and I swelled up bad. We stayed in a hotel for a few days and I'd posted on Facebook about what happened seeking help for the situation cause we'd lost a lot of belongings too. This resulted in AJ's dad's gf flipping out on me for posting "her business" which no one on my page knew her but whatever. So she kicked us out. So we rented an SUV, took what we could and drove out to MD to stay with my aunt. By this time I was pregnant with Ariana.

We both got jobs at the kohl's ecommerce and stayed at my aunt's for 5 weeks before getting a place out here. I had Ariana and things were okayish I guess. But we had no car and the area we lived in wasn't a good one. So once again we set off to a better area, or so we thought. Only to get ripped off by the complex and find out it wasn't so great there after all. Though during this time I will note is when AJ and I had started hitting kind of a weird breaking point. I guess it was more on my end, but basically things were rocky on and off and I mean I think most couples have their moments. Now I'm pretty sure he's okay with me talking about his sexuality and if I'm wrong, I'm super sorry AJ. But I'd also come across by accident a folder on his PC containing same sex art well just say it. So I approached him gently about it and that's when he told me he'd always been bi-curious but without doing anything didn't really know.

So this is where we finally ended up in an open relationship. I brought it up to him and he kinda looked at me sideways at first but lol we went for it and it honestly ended up being the best thing for us. Now we'd had a plan for him to get a chance to explore his sexuality but then someone else came into the picture prior to the person that it was supposed to be. I have to be vague because basically from this point forth anyone we've done anything with is from one rhythm game community or another. But anyways, before anything happened we moved yet again, to our 3br townhome which was pretty nice for the most part, but shitty landlords. This is when that person finally flew out for a visit and things went good for the most part. Few hiccups but hey, learning curve right? Ultimately feelings were had and we'd thought about doing the whole poly thing, which cool fine I'm open to it, he is as well. But as it would turn out this person admitted to me later to basically using me to get to AJ cause they'd be interested in him for a long time.

This ended up fucking me up pretty hard emotionally for a bit. Over the next few years we had some heartbreaks for both of us trying to let people in, so that wasn't great. I mostly stick to the sex aspect of things because frankly I don't really care for the emotional stuff much anymore and I don't connect the two. Whereas AJ tends to look for a deeper connection I think. We've had our solo deals with hooking up and times we've hooked up together. Most of the times it was like that it was fun and lighthearted but seems any time emotions got involved with anyone it was a mess. I had a few people screw me over to the point where I was suicidal again, AJ had made some mis-steps at this point too. Niether of us are perfect, so I'm not trying to call him out or anything just trying to explain to me my world was falling apart. Between my medical crap and the pressure of just trying to survive and dealing with a lot of people doing some shitty things it was just bad times.

So yeah I really overall have to leave a lot out because of it being so closely related to the community in various ways, and honestly trying to tell my whole story is exhausting lol. So basically we stayed at that place for 4yrs. His mom moved in with us cause she was screwed over by the hurricane hitting Puerto Rico, zenith also lives here with us. We moved from that place to the one we're in now because we found mold again. Now basically I've been faced with more medical crap, had to have my appendix out, they found large teratomas in my ovaries that I need taken care of and my wisdom teeth are really fucked. I've been in agony for days lately. Normally they don't give me too much pain, just been really jacked up for the last decade. But I can't do shit about it because I need pre-treatment meds which are like 30k, I need it done in a hospital setting and need an oral surgeon even willing to do it, which I've been turned away a lot for years. I also lost my health insurance so that doesn't help.

But yeah, that's basically where things are now. Hopefully this all gave at least some sort of glimpse into my life and if anyone wants to talk/ask anything feel free. I'm almost always on discord n stuff. Honestly could use the company.
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