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Default Re: Queue/Batch Discussion Thread v2 [Regular batch: OPEN]

The scope of the conditional queue has expanded to any file that is only lightly accepted, the 1 SAP, 6.77.5 range. Lightly accepted files do usually receive quite a few suggestions. We think this will help create more of a conversation between steppers and judges, illuminate both sides of an issue, and hopefully broaden each other's perspectives.

However, we haven't reached a consensus on how CQ files should be handled. But do go ahead and send in fixes, because if they're acceptable, we can queue them right away.

There are a few things about the new judgment system that can be said now:

Files will be judged in small groups in chronological order (with files by the same stepper spread out), and notes will be released five files at a time. Because of this, resubmissions can be appended to the end of whichever batch is being currently judged (after this Sept-Oct batch).

Also, judgment for the next batch will start as soon as any judge has no more files in the current batch to look at, so until we get through the backlog, there will always be work open for judges to do.

So if you were among the first to submit to the 2014 Nov-Dec batch, it will be good to get any fixes in soon.

September/October 2014, Set 3

Accepted into Queue

Wonder Bullfighter ~A Barcelona cuando florece la lira~
Galaxy in Toybox [Light]
Follow You

Conditional Queue

Reason: Accepted by only one judge out of three

3 Year Anniversary Mix
Dark World
Over the Rave F.O.R. Remix
Summer Colours Arch
PWRPFF RAVES (one rejection + one CQ flag)

Reason: Light Acceptance (6.7 - 7.5)

Nightfall (Original Mix)

Reason: Particular fix requested by all three judges

Gym Training Montage
65.54s: Remove this jump to go with 69.71s
89.41, 91.50s: Missing jumps to melody + kick

Azure Emotion
48.66, 48.87, 55.33, 55.54s: Unlayer these jumps

Galaxy in Toybox [Heavy]
80.64-84.96s: Structure the 32nds or try something different


Get Jinxed! [Razor]
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