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Default Re: TWG CLXXXV: C9+++++++++ Game Thread

I will not be able to play anymore today. I think there's an hour and a half until EoD but I can't make it back before 7.

I can't shake off the feeling that I do not like Star and Yosh. I think I like Star less so because of some wording he uses when speaking to Yosh versus how he was going about talking to the rest of us (If you don't understand re read my posts guys)

I'm gonna lean InD scum for now and ust see how I feel about it in 24 hours I guess.

Roundbox just posted why he likes Raeko and frankly I don't see that happening at all and I really wish I had the time to talk it out with him. Gonna ask you to expand those thoughts for next phase, Round.

Shado dropped from the face of the earth and that makes me sad

If you guys don't lynch out of Antori or Wayward then vote Xel he just isn't really trying.

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