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Default Re: what's the worst movie you've seen and why?

Originally Posted by ElectricZap9 View Post
Time to compensate, Firstly, I didn't read the title and fought you had to talk about "the worst movie" and reason stuff. Now anyways, onto my compensation

'Memories' by Laxenanchaos:
Lead instrumental sounds like some minecraft Ripoff but ends up sounding extra Cringe, but with the breaks, even more Cringe, sounds so Bad Bad Bad, but in the first track, there's this Weird pong snare sound and is so Cringe, I kind of like it, but still Atrocious, the second track Doesn't Exist. And the third track? it sounds like Renard trying to imitate VS / "Dev/Null" (more emphasis on the latter) but Failing miserably as usual.
Conclusion: Bad minecraft Ripoff, Cringe pong, non-existence, Cheap Dev/Null thing.
Note: This Thing was released on the same label (Virgin Babylon Records) that has artists like World's End Girlfriend and freaking KASHIWA Daisuke
I love this movie
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