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Default Re: The Panic4Kase Last Month of Summer Tournament

Originally Posted by Azafreak View Post
Wait..IM NOT ****ING GURU!!! It the 999999999 time i said it. I think i'll made a post GOD DAMN IT. Ok i'll be short. I'm not guru, because, FIRST, i cant PA those (fcking) GURU. I hit like 50goods I SUCK. Second, Look at Bluearrowll (sup), Zero, Halogen...Do you really THINK i can beat them? Do you really think i've a CHANCE ? Third, Master is MY division, cause, look at people...Some guys in it OWN me! We're not Guru for this reason. So, if you can plz, put me in Master, i'll be really happy. If not, you better to have a good reason T_____T

Sup wyndblade.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't have to give you any reason. It's her tournament, she places you. If you don't want to participate, you don't have to. BUT, I think if WyndBlade & p4rty_b0y are Masters, so is Azafreak.
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