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Default Re: Hey can I please be banned??

I think you'd benefit from some time away from the Internet in general. A lot of times we can develop a dangerous emotional reliance on and get obsessed with some particular digital information stream (Twitter, Youtube) or even online friends. Banning yourself on FFR isn't going to fix that for you.

I think in the short-term you can get certain user privileges locked (e.g. PMs) which protects this other person from you. I'm not an admin but this is my suggestion on their behalf: remove his PM privileges with this other person, or otherwise just entirely.

In the longer term, idk what your real life is like but finding a tangible, physical hobby or friend group can work wonders for your mind. There were times in my life where I had an unhealthy addiction to an MMORPG, and each time I would just... find something else to latch on to in real life, such that the MMORPG became less like an emotional "need" and more like a "hobby", which is how it should be. After a few months (even as long as a full year) I would return to the MMO and would engage with it in a healthy manner. If I got too attached later, rinse and repeat.

Human life requires balance. Take a few weeks away from the depths of the internet to clear your mind and soul, then come back to FFR only when FFR feels completely OPTIONAL to you. If you get banned or delete your account you will regret it later.

EDIT: he's banned. rip. I hope you still read these posts though

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there are 743 matches for hedgehog suicide on deviantart
that's kind of a sad statistic

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